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In 2021, we donated EUR 13m to charitable activities. Egmont is a foundation with a dual purpose: to develop media and to support children and young people at risk.

An education and a good life for everyone

All of Egmont is a foundation, and we have a long history of giving back.

Our charitable activities are based on social responsibility and empathy and with Sustainable Development Goal 4 as the overall ambition: to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all. Children and young people at risk are our target group.

We use a variety of philanthropic instruments: Donations, partnerships, incubator grants, signature projects, and the programme A Helping Hand which distributes support directly to children and families at risk.

EUR 13m

Charitable activities 2021


Grantees in 2021

EUR 450m

Total donations since 1920


Focus on child poverty

In 2021, the Egmont Foundation worked with “child poverty” as its annual theme. The Egmont Report 2021 on child poverty concluded that a childhood in poverty means a higher risk of not completing an upper secondary education, a risk of reduced well-being and exclusion. Millions in funding have been earmarked for the Helping Hand programme, which provides individual support to children and families in need.
First donations in Sweden
Children placed in care
Responding to the pandemic

First donations in Sweden

In 2021, the Egmont Foundation expanded its support to all of Scandinavia with the first two donations in Sweden - respectively to Barnens Rätt I Samhället (BRIS) and the organisation called My Dream Now.

Children placed in care

The learning and life skills of children placed in care were at the top of the agenda in 2021. We continued our partnership with Learn for Life (Lær for Livet) on reducing the learning gaps. Data showed that almost 80% of the participants in the Learn for Life programme have completed lower secondary education as opposed to 30% of other children placed in care.

Responding to the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic had an enormous impact on children and young people in all of Scandinavia. It affected their well-being and their learning. In 2021, we provided Corona support to several organisations.


Nordisk Film Fonden

Nordisk Film Fonden is an independent part of the Egmont Foundation that supports talents in the film industry. In 2021, Nordisk Film Fonden donated EUR 0.7m for initiatives empowering and developing film talents and the cinematic narrative.

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