Druk beskåret

We bring stories to life

We tell stories in films, TV, magazines and books that engage millions of consumers every day,

In Egmont, we take pride in being a master storyteller across platforms and borders: Our companies produce and market award-winning films and TV series. We broadcast breaking news, in-depth journalism, world-class sports and high-quality entertainment. We publish magazines with content that resonates with our many readers, and we work with some of the best authors in creating thought provoking and enriching books. 

Strong and important stories are what we build our media company on, emphasised in our pay-off: We bring stories to life!

It is extremely satisfying for us when we succeed.

Nordisk Film develops, produces and markets films and TV series across the Nordic region. The company is behind a range of award-winning titles and works with both experienced film talents and rising stars. Several productions have been nominated for Academy Awards, and Nordisk Film is a regular guest at the world’s most prestigious film festivals. The overall goal is to be the leading Nordic house of talent that enables the best cinematic stories to reach a large audience both locally and on the international film scene. 

"The film narrative starts with a blank piece of paper and the words 'once upon a time'. It is a long process, and teamwork is key as everyone needs to work towards the same vision. Therefore it is extremely satisfying for us when we succeed. Creative work feels like a well - the more you use, the more water runs to it," says Henrik Zein, CEO of Nordisk Film's fully-owned production company, Nordisk Film Production.

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Our responsibility is to seek the truth.

Unbiased journalism with a true impact is at the center in TV 2, Norway’s leading commercial broadcaster. TV 2 delivers a wide range of public service programming, including daily news, current affairs and documentaries. TV 2 is also behind TV 2 Nyhetskanalen, the only 24-hours news channel in Norway and the obvious first choice for breaking news - a channel that saw a strong increase in viewers during the Covid-19 crisis, when accurate, continuous news journalism was of the utmost importance to the population. TV 2’s journalism and news programmes are thus an important part of Norwegian society and the public conversation. 

"In today's media climate where so-called mainstream media are accused of fake news and not taking people's problems seriously, it is extremely important to deliver relevant journalism. Our responsibility is to seek the truth. We need people's trust, and if we make mistakes we correct them at once. It is important for me that TV 2's news journalism is courageous and goes against the stream. We need to tell strong stories, and not only showcase the problems but also the solutions," says Karianne Solbrække, News Director at TV 2.

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We still have this enormous creative fire power.

Story House Egmont has a strong media business that publishes hundreds of weekly and monthly magazine titles with a strong foothold in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Included are some of the most well-known and consumed magazine titles within lifestyle, fashion, children, interior design, men’s magazines, family, sports and much more. The media business has also developed into digital magazine platforms, online sites and podcasts. Through its journalism, editorials and engaging content, Story House Egmont reaches millions of readers with stories that inspire and engage. 

"At Story House Egmont we have been storytellers from the beginning in 1904 when the magazine Hjemmet was founded. The first chief editor, Valborg Andersen, who was also the first female editor in Denmark, put it this way: 'You need to dip the pen in your heart in order to write a great story'," explains Marianne Gram, Publishing Director in Story House Egmont Denmark. 

She continues: "We still have this enormous creative fire power. At Story House Egmont in Denmark we have for instance launched the podcast platform Talk Town. Here we lean on the strong storytelling tradition of our magazines and weeklies to create an entirely new format. We sometimes literally take our quality and in-depth stories from print and turn them into great podcasts. The whole house is like a huge motor generating ideas. And we just need to hook up with some of our talented editors, and we get all these ideas for strong and unique new podcast concepts. It’s been a very short journey from print to digital and audio, because we are so good at storytelling. And by the end of the day, that’s what our readers and listeners expect of Egmont."

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I have told stories as long as I can remember.

Some of the best authors have found their home at our Danish publishing house Lindhardt og Ringhof, which publishes books within fiction, non-fiction, translated fiction and children’s books. With a team of experienced, ambitious and innovative editors, Lindhardt og Ringhof works closely with all the different storytellers in developing their books and enabling them to reach a large audience. An demand for the written book is undiminished. During Covid-19, book sales where up with more than 10%. 

"I have told stories as long as I can remember and had my first short story published when I was 14 years old. Today, I help others tell their stories. It is a privilege, and the experience of sitting on a train and seeing a fellow traveler read a book that you have helped publish is indescribable. It is great being a part of Egmont where the motto is 'We bring stories to life', because that is exactly what we do on a daily basis," says Sune de Souza Schmidt-Madsen, Publishing Director for Fiction at Lindhardt og Ringhof. 

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