Nordisk Film Results

Computer games was on a rise for Nordisk Film, while Covid-19 hit the cinema business.

Key figures in 2020

EUR 366m


EUR 15m

Operating profit after result from associates



Nordisk Film produces films and TV series in the Nordic region, operates cinemas in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and has a substantial computer game business.

Revenue and operating earnings fell extraordinarily in 2020 as a result of Covid-19, which hit the global movie market and the cinema chain in particular. The cinemas were closed or operated under restrictions for much of the year, with revenue down around EUR 90m and heavy losses even after support from public compensation schemes.

Despite an unpredictable film market with restrictions, cinema closures and delayed premieres, the film production and distribution businesses and Nordisk Film’s associated film production companies delivered solid earnings.

Nordisk Film had a record-high 28% share of the Nordic cinema market and distributed the three bestselling Danish films of the year: Thomas Vinterberg’s Another Round (more than 800,000 tickets sold) and Anders Thomas Jensen’s Riders of Justice (more than 450,000 tickets sold) – both produced by the associate company Zentropa – and Klovn: The Final (437,000 tickets sold).

In Sweden, Nordisk Film produced the year’s biggest box-office success, My Father Marianne, and Amanda Kernell’s prize-winning Charter. In Norway, Nordisk Film was behind Betrayed, produced by Fante Film.

Nordisk Film expanded its portfolio of computer game companies during the year with the acquisition of Finland’s Nitro Games (40%) and Spain’s MercurySteam (40%). The portfolio also includes Avalanche Studios Group and the part-owned companies Star Stable Entertainment, Raw Fury, RETO MOTO and Flashbulb Games.

Nordisk Film distributes Sony PlayStation in the Nordics and Baltics and saw very strong demand for the new PlayStation 5 launched at the end of the year.

GoGift again delivered double-digit revenue growth in digital gift card solutions and launched a digital gift universe together with MobilePay in Denmark.