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Egmont Books Results

Egmont Books had great book sales and is turning into a global digital publishing house.

Key figures in 2020

EUR 125m


EUR 9m

Operating profit after result from associates


Employees (Lindhardt og Ringhof only)

Egmont Books comprises the Danish publisher Lindhardt og Ringhof and the part-owned Norwegian publisher Cappelen Damm. Both publish printed books, audiobooks, e-books and educational materials.

Denmark’s large international publishing house Lindhardt og Ringhof saw strong revenue growth and record earnings in 2020, with sales of paper books up 10%. The year’s bestseller was Barack Obama’s A Promised Land, and Lindhardt og Ringhof was also behind many other big sellers from the likes of Leif Davidsen, Michael Katz Krefeld, Steffen Jacobsen, Karl Ove Knausgaard and Claus Meyer.

Lindhardt og Ringhof’s global digital publisher SAGA now offers 80,000 e-books and audiobooks in more than 30 languages and expects to release a further 25,000 digital titles in 2021.

Lindhardt og Ringhof’s educational publisher Alinea acquired EduLab and 60% of GoTutor during the year, and founded Praxis Forlag A/S together with the Praxis Foundation.

Norway’s largest publishing house, Cappelen Damm, saw growth of 30% in the education market and had an excellent publishing year with great commercial and literary success for authors such as Beate Grimsrud, Vigdis Hjorth, Tore Renberg and Roy Jacobsen.