Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel is new VP of Corporate HR


From August 1st, Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel (44) will head up Egmont Corporate HR

Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel comes from a position as Head of HR – Mærsk Line Headquarters. 

Previous to that, Anne-Christine has held numerous senior management and HR positions in Mærsk owned companies, and also has a background from global consultancy businesses. She is a master of Political Science from Copenhagen University and has an extensive international experience.

In Egmont, Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel will have the responsibility for Egmont’s overall HR strategy and related activities and of course for the Corporate HR department.

“I am very pleased to welcome such a competent and skilled person as Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel as our new Director of HR to further strengthen and develop our human resource management. Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel has a valuable background and work experience from large Danish corporations both nationally and internationally”, says Egmont CEO Steffen Kragh.

“I have followed the development of the Egmont group for years, and I have always been amazed by the products, the energy and the diversity of the different business areas. I believe the pace of change in the media industry offers very interesting challenges for any employee and leader in Egmont, and being part of setting the HR strategy and working with the different organisations to make the strategy happen, is a great opportunity I simply would not miss. I look very much forward to joining!”, says Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel.