Alinea acquires Norwegian teaching success


Alinea has bought a Danish version of the Norwegian teaching aid, Salaby (Villeby in Danish). The interactive learning material will be a part of Alinea's teaching portal

"Villeby is a perfect match with our site The two teaching aids are now part of the largest and best portal which covers the vast majority of basic school subjects and also offers plenty of material for mother tongue-teaching and language support for pupils with Danish as second language," says publishing director, Cliff Hansen, Alinea.

Villeby offers teaching materials in all subjects from 0-4th grade. From 2016 Alinea hopes gradually to expand the universe to cover 5th-9th grade. The teaching materials are easy to access and can be used as a supplement to the daily lessons.
"Villeby is a Danish version of Salaby which is the most successful digital learning material in Norway. We are happy now having the opportunity to make Villeby an even greater success in Denmark," says Cliff Hansen. provides training and learning with activity for almost all subjects from 0th-10th grade with emphasis on Danish and mathematics. Students can also create blogs and train their skills in spelling and arithmetic.

"We are very proud of Villeby. Both the editorial quality, the growth we have had in Denmark, and not least the joy of learning that Villeby contributes to.  Now is time to let Villeby grow. It is a pleasure for us that a major player as Egmont now takes over and gives Villeby renewed vigor and potential," says Arne Magnus, CEO, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag

Further information:
Cliff Hansen
Publishing Director
+45 20 78 71 70