Airmagine revolutionises advertising in Copenhagen Airport


New advertising screens can read the gender and age of passengers walking by.

Founded by Dansk Reklame Film, the new sales organization Airmagine will revolutionise the public advertising scene. New digital screens in Copenhagen Airport can detect the attention, gender and age of people passing by and in the long term be able to shift between ads in relation to each individual.

A woman travelling to Brussels wants to see nice watches or an ad for a finance media. A family going on vacation is more interested in ads for sunblock lotion or rental cars. From now on, the over 25 million passengers that come through Copenhagen Airport every year will see far more relevant advertisements.

Owned by Egmont and Nordisk Film, Dansk Reklame Film makes it possible to target commercial messages according to the recipients age and gender with their new company Airmagine. The advertisers also get to see exactly how much attention their ads get – at which time and by which groups.

“Digitisation is the easiest part. It’s about using the digitisation to create relevance and flexibility that benefits both advertisers and consumers. We want to transform the out-of-home-commercial market and the whole mindset around advertisement in public,” says Claus Rothoff Brix, CEO of Dansk Reklame Film.


One of the most digitised airports in the world

With this initiative, Copenhagen Airport will be one of the most digitised airports in the world. Chief Commercial Officer Peter Krogsgaard says:

“We have an interest in targeting relevant communication towards our passengers and this digitization makes it possible. We also become more attractive to our advertisers because they can buy shorter and more tactic campaigns with a shorter production time and at a lower cost than analogue commercials.”

The five-year agreement between Copenhagen Airport and Dansk Reklame Film comes to a three digit million Danish kroner sum. It means that Copenhagen Airport can offer one of the worlds most digitised markets in advertisement. The configuration of the almost 600 screens is in progress. Among other features, the ads will change according to the travellers destinations.

From the 1st of February, some of the new screens will be set up to perform face detection and thereby read the attention, gender and age group of passengers walking by. In the future, the ads will change in real time which means that the advertisements change according to who is looking at them.

The screens can not perform surveillance by recording video or be used for person recognition.

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