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TV 2 is Norway's largest commercial multimedia group. We provide news, sport and entertainment on eight channels for all platforms.

TV 2 is Norway’s largest commercial media group, broadcasting news, sports, and entertainment via nine TV channels, as well as the streaming service TV 2 Sumo.

TV 2 is Norway’s most popular TV channel for people aged 20-49 years old. TV 2 reached the Norwegian population with its coverage of the parliamentary election, broadcasting production of the World Cycling Championships in Bergen, and powerful documentaries. The main channel had a successful year featuring programs such as Celebrity Farm, Dancing with the Stars, and The Voice. With TV 2 Nyhetskanalen – Norway’s first 24-hour news channel – as well as important topical and social programs, TV 2 is central to Norwegian culture and society. TV 2 Sumo is Norway’s largest streaming-service in terms of revenue. The website tv2.no is Norway’s third largest commercial news website, with 1.2 million unique visits per day.

24-hour news channel
TV 2 is a media group with strong content across all platforms: the TV 2 group broadcasts on a flagship channel, as well as a series of niche-channels, such as TV 2 Nyhetskanalen, which provides news around the clock, as well as TV 2 Sporten, TV 2 Filmkanalen, TV 2 Livsstil, and TV 2 Zebra, which features entertainment for children and young people.

With a single click on your phone or tablet, you can watch programs on TV 2 Sumo, which is Norway’s largest streaming service. Here you can watch popular programs from TV 2 channels, as well as TV 2 Sumo’s own exclusive content.

With TV 2’s acquisition of C-More, Sumo viewers have gained access to even more quality content, including popular films and series, as well as more premium sports content, suchg as all games in Tippeligaen. TV 2 has also created new internal companies focused on broadcast technology, including Vimond, which develops solutions to distribute and earn money on live and programmed TV content.