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Egmont is the largest Nordic film producer. Through Nordisk Film and the co-owned company Zentropa, we produce, distribute and market films and TV series in the Nordic countries and run cinemas in Denmark and Norway.

From nurturing talent, preparing scripts, shooting film, marketing and selling tickets to delivering the final product – the thrill of anticipation in a darkened cinema as a new release begins: Egmont is there every step of the way.

We produce feature films with broad audience appeal such as Land of Mine, 9. April and A War, which was nominated for an Oscar. We also produce smaller, arthouse films for narrower audiences, our aim being to give talented film people and scriptwriters a platform from which to test their ideas and develop themselves professionally, and to develop the Danish film industry as a whole. Last year the Nordisk Film Foundation donated EUR 0.6 million to initiatives including its signature project Isbjørnens Forfattercamp (The Polar Bear Writing Camp) to support professional scriptwriters.

We have departments in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, but also collaborate with other European partners. Through its association with the international film company Lionsgate/Summit, Nordisk Film Distribution launched The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II reaching a number of 1,2 mill. tickets across the Nordic territories while another popular franchise, The Divergent Series: Insurgent  sold 385.000 tickets. In 2015 films like April 9th and The Shamer's Daughter won critical acclaim and drew large cinema audiences.

Nordisk Film Cinemas is the leading cinema chain in Denmark and Norway. Every year we welcome over nine million guests to our 39 cinemas, 18 of them in Denmark. All our cinemas are equipped with state-of-the-art technology – for example, the first laser projector in Northern European has been installed in our newest cinema in the Fields shopping centre on Amager, Copenhagen. In addition, several of our cinemas can be transformed into stages or concert halls, and, in association with The Metropolitan Opera, we transmit live opera performances from New York. Our Imperial cinema, the largest in the Nordic region, frequently hosts gala premieres and award ceremonies.

You can order and buy cinema tickets on our site kino.dk, where you can also read film reviews, watch trailers for upcoming films, connect with other film buffs and read the latest news from the film world. Nordisk Film owns the Nordic ticket distributor Venuepoint as well as billetlugen.dk, where you can buy tickets for concerts, theatre performances, theme parks and other events.

As well as producing films for the cinema, DVD and TV platforms, we also distribute and market films throughout the Nordics and distribute PlayStation in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Egmont companies have been part of the cinematic landscape ever since the film industry began, producing landmark films that have become indelible parts of Danish film history – for example, the series of films about the small-time criminals The Olsen Gang and the TV series Matador.