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Egmont's educational publisher Alinea is Denmark's leading publisher of educational resources for primary and lower secondary schools. Cappelen Damm, Norway's largest publisher and partly owned by Egmont, produces educational materials for all ages – from pre-school to higher education.

Alinea delivers the best academic teaching content for all age groups across all platforms. The materials are flexible and available on different platforms, so they can be adapted to the student, teacher, and teaching style – not vice versa. The learning resources are being developed in close cooperation with schools, teachers, and research institutions.

Over the past two years, Alinea, together with teachers and students, has developed completely new professional portals based on everyday life in school. The result is a series of educational processes that motivate and maintain students’ focus in an entirely new manner.

Traditional teaching resources are complemented by many digital offers, such as Alinea’s portals, which bring together the best digital learning resources for each subject, as well as Alinea’s digital mathematics programs. In general, these resources help bring together students, as well as teachers and parents. Additionally, Alinea supplies other digital resources, such as electronic boards, digital books, special parent networks, and educational games.

In 2015, Alinea took charge of blivklog.dk, where teachers and student-teachers can access new learning theories, methods, and tools – all for free. About 10,000 teachers use one or more of the over 100 free professional articles on the platform where new and practical content is always available.

Since 1996, Alinea has provided print and digital teaching materials that develop and challenge students while supporting teachers in creating quality educational experiences. Alinea annually develops and publishes a wide range of teaching materials rooted in quality, professionalism, and thoughtful didactics based on primary school needs.

Cappelen Damm
Egmont’s co-owned company, Cappelen Damm, the largest publishing company in Norway, delivers educational materials for all ages and for those that are not native-Norwegian speakers.

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