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Egmont is behind the largest cinema chain in Denmark and Norway, Nordisk Film Cinemas, which has 220 auditoriums featuring the latest technologies, modern amenities, and the highest level of comfort. 

Cinemas offers entertainment and a unique experience for the entire family. As owner of the largest cinema chain in Denmark and Norway, Nordisk Film Cinemas, Egmont is a leading player in the cinema business. At the end of 2018, Nordisk Film Cinemas will open the first of several state-of-the-art cinemas in Sweden.

Every year, Nordisk Film Cinemas welcomes between nine and ten million guests to their 41 cinemas, 20 of which are in Denmark. Each of the cinemas’ 220 auditoriums is equipped with the best and most modern digital technology, with work focused on continuing to develop the existing cinemas and build new ones. 

As the only cinema chain in the Nordic countries, Nordisk Film Cinemas has built several 4DX-cinemas, where guests receive much more than a standard cinema experience. The 4DX-cinemas feature a variety of effects – wind in the hair, fog, burning rubber, snow storms, chairs shaking, jumping, and swaying, and much more – all designed specifically for each individual feature film. Nordisk Film Cinemas currently has 4DX auditoriums in Lyngby and Aarhus in Denmark, and Oslo in Norway. 

Our cinemas, however, are about more than just watching movies. In general, the cinemas are regularly used to host special events. In collaboration with The Metropolitan Opera, many of our auditoriums can be transformed into stages and concert halls. A series of eSports events taking place at the cinemas in the future is in the process of being finalized. Imperial cinema, in Copenhagen, Northern Europe’s largest single auditorium cinema, is widely used for both gala premieres and awards. 

Additionally, the cinematic experience is not limited to the cinemas alone. Through our online communities kino.dk and filmweb.no, you can read about movies, watch trailers, and buy tickets, as well as share, report, and discuss films and movie experiences with other users.