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Do well to do good

Egmont is a foundation. All our profit is reinvested in the media businesses and donated through charitable activities focused on improving the lives of children.

Every year 13 million EUR is donated through Egmont Fonden in Denmark and Norway to support children and young people's learning and life skills through different initiatives and donations.  

As an example a grant has been donated to Save the Children’s initiative Early Childhood Clubs which aims to provide parents with tools to support their children's well-being and positive development. Another example is our ten-year project Learn for Life where children placed in care participate in learning camps and have a personal mentor. 

In 2018 we focused on dyslexia with support to projects enabling dyslexic children complete a secondary eductation. Furthermore, we held a children's summit where the participants formulated recommendations to decision makers on how to strengthen support for dyslexic children and young people.