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Sustainable Paper Sourcing (PREPS)

In Egmont we acknowledge that a substantial part of our environmental footprint comes from our paper use for the magazines and books. Across the group we work on this in different ways

Egmont buys paper from around the world, but primarily from Europe. The same goes for the production of books and magazines where the majority is printed in Europe. Besides producing own books, we also participate in so called co-editions with other publishing houses. In these situations we have limited impact on the production. In addition to this, we also support the use of recycled paper. These two efforts both contribute to the risk of finding pulp from tropical hardwood in our magazines and books.

Sustainable paper sourcing is an important area for Egmont and is part of our Global Compact commitment. In the examples to the right you can find examples of how Lindhardt & Ringhof and Egmont VGS work with minimizing their environmental foot print through sustainable paper sourcing.


About the PREPS Database

In 2002, Egmont Publishing UK chose to remove all illegally forested and controversial timber from its paper supply chain. To help investigate and evaluate the forest sources going into its papers in 2003 the Egmont Paper Grading System (PREPS) was developed. This system gave papers a forest sustainability grading of 1, 3 or 5 stars.

After achieving its goal in 2005 Egmont Publishing UK decided to share its unique grading system with the rest of the publishing industry. In 2016 this resulted in the creation of PREPS. The database has more than 10.000 graded papers and gives the members information on paper technical specifications that allows them to make informed paper purchasing decisions.

You can find the full list of members here.

Paper Grading

Grade 1: Paper containing unknown or undesirable forest sources

Grade 3: Paper where all the forest sources are known, legal, low risk or either FSC or PEFC accredited

Grade 5: Paper which is FSC or 100% PEFC accredited or 100% post-consumer waste recycled  

Click here for more information about PREPS and the grading system.