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Paper Sourcing

Egmont is aware that a large part of the environmental and climate impact stems from Egmont use of paper for magazines and books

Sourcing of paper is a focus area in Egmont’s environmental policy. Egmont buys paper from all over the world, but the majority of paper is sourced from Europe. The same goes for production of books and magazines where the majority is printed in Europe.

Besides producing own books, Egmont often participates in the co-production of books together with other publishers, where Egmont has limited influence on the sourcing of paper and the production. In addition to that, Egmont supports the use of recycled paper. The participation in co-productions and the use of recycled paper are both “things” that increase the risk of finding pulp from tropical hardwood in Egmont’s magazines and books. Egmont accepts this risk because the environmental impact of using recycled paper is lower.

In the examples to the right you can see how Lindhardt & Ringhof sources paper.