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Environment & Climate

In Egmont we acknowledge our environmental impact and we work on this in our own business and ask our suppliers to do the same

Egmont’s work with protection of the environment takes its point of departure in our and our suppliers’ compliance with regulation and legal demands in the area. Our suppliers and partners are asked to sign Egmont’s CoC which has requirements on compliance with environmental regulation and legal demands. Egmont follow-up on this in different ways. Through Egmont’s Social Compliance Programme our suppliers are audited based on how they handle waste and chemicals. If challenges are found in relation to compliance with the CoC Egmont goes into dialogue with the supplier to remedy this.


Egmont’s Environmental Policy

We are still working on our environmental policy for the Group. The purpose of the policy is to create a policy that can grasp the diverse business areas in the Group. The work with TV and film production in TV2 Norway and Nordisk Film present other challenges than producing a book or a magazine for Lindhardt & Ringhof or Egmont Publishing. Therefore a thourough process has been essential. The goal is to present the environmental policy during 2016 and commence the implementation following this.