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Anti-corruption and whistle-blowing

It’s Egmont’s policy to manage our business without the use of corruption or bribery. Corruption and bribery are criminal offences, which expose Egmont and our employees to legal proceedings, fines or prison and it jeopardises Egmont’s reputation.

To ensure that our employees are equipped to handle risky situations, all new employees have to complete an e-learning training module. The training module introduces new employees to situations they can be exposed to and trains them in ways to handle them properly.

Violations of Egmont’s anti-corruption policy is viewed as a serious violation and can have disciplinary or judicial consequences regardless of whether the violator is an employee or a partner, who works on behalf of Egmont. You can read more about our guidelines here.

Egmont also has a whistle-blowing policy. The policy enables both internal and external stakeholders to report what they perceive as behaviour that goes against the rules. The whistle-blower cases are assessed by a centralised unit at Egmont. You can read more about the whistle-blowing policy here.

In 2015 there were no reports into the whistle-blowing system.