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Code of Conduct and Social Compliance

For many years Egmont has worked with social responsibility and responsible supply chain management is an important component of this work. The work with supply chain management stems from Egmont’s Code of Conduct. This document lists requirements that we and our suppliers have to live up to.

Egmont’s Code of Conduct

Egmont’s work with CSR in the operational part of the business is based on compliance with Egmont’s Code of Conduct (CoC). The CoC lists requirements, which our employees and suppliers have to comply with. The overall requirements are:

  • A standard of excellence in every aspect of our business throughout the world
  • Ethical and responsible conduct in all our operations
  • Support, respect and protect the rights of all individuals
  • Respect for the environment


Responsible Supply Chain Management – Egmont Social Compliance Programme

In Egmont the work with social compliance is run through responsible supply chain management, which is an integral part of the business in Egmont and has been so for years. Egmont Social Compliance Programme was established to ensure an even and acceptable level of social compliance at our suppliers’ facilities. The programme has a dual focus on social compliance and product safety – and quality.

This means that new and existing suppliers of books, magazines, toys and activity products, and licensor products have to go through an auditing process to be approved of to produce Egmont and licensor products.The process is a three-step process.

The factories/printers are chosen for auditing based on a risk evaluation. We have defined three groups based on internationally acclaimed standards, with different risk levels. Group one has the highest risk level and the factories/printers in these countries have an audit cycle of 12 months. Group two have an audit cycle of 18-24 months. The factories/printers in group three have the lowest risk and are audited on an ad hoc basis.

After determining the risk level the audit is performed by one or more auditors. An Egmont audit will take a point of departure in Egmont’s CoC and focuses on human rights, labour rights, environment and anti-corruption. All factories/printers are audited prior to production to ensure that they live up to Egmont’s CoC.

We have five zero tolerances which we do not accept at our suppliers.

  • No child labour
  • No forced labour
  • No severe health and safety findings with the risk of workers losing life and/or limb
  • Compliance with legal, minimum salary
  • No corruption and bribery

When/if such a violation is found at a manufacturer’s facility Egmont engages immediately and the factory/printer is put under surveillance and will receive follow-up audits to ensure remediation.

The last part of the process is evaluating the audit reports and provide feedback on which findings that need to receive immediate attention and which should be corrected in the following cycle. You can find an overview of the general findings from group one in this year’s COP report.

In 2015 Egmont had 90 audits performed globally and we evaluated more than 259 audits performed by acclaimed audit companies in accordance with international standards.

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