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A Good Life for Children and Young People

The Egmont Foundation is a commercial foundation. The Foundation consists of two parts: One part is the commercial part, which manages a media group and the second part is the charitable activities, which supports vulnerable children and young people as well as supporting film purposes through the Nordisk Film Foundation

  • Photo: Anne Prytz Schaldemose

    Photo: Anne Prytz Schaldemose

The vision for the charitable activities is a good life for children and young people. This will be achieved by supporting their participation in society so that, ultimately, they will be able to create good lives for themselves. In 2015, the Foundation invested DKK 83,1m in initiatives to support children and young people.

For the charitable activities for children and young people, the Foundation has two focus areas:

  • CARE: Helping children and young people to cope with life crises e.g. disease and death, placement, imprisonment of a parent, violence or divorce
  • LEARNING: Strengthening the desire to learn

In addition, through the programme A Helping Hand Egmont provides financial support to vulnerable children, young people, and their families. Four Danish partner organisations and one Norwegian are responsible for distributing the donations.


Highlights 2015

Learning: In 2015, the Foundation made a great effort of advocating for children and young people experiencing learning difficulties. One of the means was the Egmont Report 2015 that put value on intensive learning courses, which by combining academic and individual support will strengthen children and young people, who need a helping hand to exceed in school. The Egmont Report showed that children enrolled in the intensive learning courses perform better academically and got increased faith in themselves. The Egmont Foundation’s signature project ’Learn for Life’ is one of the key examples of how to make a positive impact for vulnerable children. The aim of ‘Learn for life’ is, over a period of ten years, to enable 1,000 children placed in care to accomplish an upper secondary education.

Divorce: The Foundations partnership with Children’s Welfare has drawn attention to an increased focus on the child during a divorce. Through conferences, debates, reports and exposure in the media, efforts were made to place focus on children’s needs rather than the parents’ needs. In 2015, the Egmont Foundation also supported the development of concrete tools and counseling initiatives to strengthen the collaboration of the parents’ during a divorce because the conflicts between the parents may have negative impact on the children.

Child Participation: In 2015 the Egmont Foundation adopted a strategy for the participation of children and young people. The vision of the strategy is that participation strengthens children and young people – it promotes their life skills and learning potential. This will be gained through gaining more knowledge, and better competences to include vulnerable children and young people.

You can read more about the Egmont Foundation's work on their website

The Nordic Film Foundation

The Nordic Film Foundation is an independent part of the Egmont Foundation with own objectives and focus areas. The Nordisk Film Foundation supports training of talents and thereby promoting the . In 2015, Nordisk Film Foundation donated DKK 4,7m.