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A Good Life for Children and Young People

The Egmont Foundation works to fight ”modern poverty” – i.e. today many young people leave lower secondary school without being able to master reading, writing or math

We do this by focusing on targeted efforts to support the learning and life skills of disadvantaged children and young people, thereby reducing the impact of negative social inheritance.

The majority of donations are made in Denmark. However, support is also provided in Norway in areas where the Egmont Foundation is able to create synergy between activities in the two countries.

In 2016, the Egmont Foundation donated EUR 12.360m for initiatives aimed at vulnerable children and young people.


Highlights 2016

Early intervention

In 2016, the Egmont Foundation, in cooperation with the Danish think tank ”DEA”, launched the initiative “Småbørnsalliancen” (The Danish Alliance on Support for Young Children), which brings together key players working with the age group 0-6. A lot of research shows that early intervention is necessary, if we wish to break the negative social inheritance. And we are not good enough at achieving that today. The goal with the alliance is to create a strong and ambitious community, which can contribute to new knowledge and solutions and thereby ensure that we, in Denmark, become better at supporting the learning and life skills of young children.


In 2014, the Egmont Foundation established a partnership with ”Børns Vilkår” (Children’s Welfare), which works to improve the well-being of children affected by divorce. In 2016, the partnership and the launch of the report ”My parents are getting a divorce. As far as I understand.” and the campaign ”#skiltmedbørn” (#divorcedwithchildren) created great public attention and debate on how to help the child when the parents are divorcing. The partnership’s efforts meant, among other things, that the political parties supporting the so-called ”rate adjustment pool agreement”, which is used to support e.g. social initiatives, this year agreed to grant funds to ensure that children affected by high-conflict divorce can get their own ”attorney” in the form of an independent ”child advocate” – an initiative which the Danish State Administration, ”Børns Vilkår (Children’s Welfare) and the Egmont Foundation have tested during the past two years.

Partnership with ”Kronsprinsparets Fond” in Norway

In 2016, the Egmont Foundation formed a partnership with ”Kronprinsparets Fond” (The Crown Prince and Crown Princess’ Foundation) in Norway. The goal of the partnership is to increase the well-being and learning of young people in Norway by motivating and helping more young people to complete an upper secondary education. One of the initiatives supported by the Egmont Foundation through the partnership is called ”UngInvest”, and it is an alternative offer targeted at young people aged 16-19 who drop out of traditional schools. With a more practical and down-to-earth approach, ”UngInvest” is able to motivate up to 80% of their students to return to the education system. The partnership will also contribute to dissemination of good methodology and ideas across national borders, and work to ensure that more people will be inspired to take action. The agreement runs for four years with a total funding framework of EUR 1.36m.  

Refugee Action Plan

In 2016, the Egmont Foundation allocated DKK 30m for a special initiative over the next two years targeted at newly arrived refugee children. The funds will be used for efforts and initiatives to ensure that the children get the best possible start in life in Denmark and Norway. With this initiative the Egmont Foundation wishes to take on part of the responsibility for finding solutions to a number of the key problems that refugee children experience. At the same time the Foundation wishes to promote broad cooperation across sectors, academic disciplines and public administrative bodies to ensure the best possible efforts for and with the newly arrived refugee children. The Foundation supports initiatives both in Denmark and in Norway.

A Helping Hand

In 2016, the Egmont Foundation distributed approx. EUR 1.38m to children who are vulnerable in relation to economic, social or health issues. The grants were distributed through five partners: the Danish Red Cross, Mødrehjælpen (The National Association for the Unmarried Mother and Her Child), Landsorganisationen af kvindekrisecentre (National Organisation of Women’s Shelters in Denmark), Børnehjælpsdagen (The Children’s Aid Foundation) and Norske Kvinners Sanitetsforening (Norwegian Women’s Sanitary Association). The grants from the Egmont Foundation not only cover the families’ urgent needs, but are followed by development aid such as counselling or network groups.