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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Egmont Foundation is a commercial media company, as well as a charitable foundation, supporting activities concerning children and young people. Each year, The Egmont Foundation supports institutions and organizations working with and for children and adolescents. Since 1920 the foundation has distributed EUR 370 million. In 2016, The Egmont Foundation distributed over EUR 13 million. Egmont has worked with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for many years and CSR is integrated in the Egmont DNA.

  • Photo: Martin Bubandt

    Photo: Martin Bubandt

Working with CSR since the beginning

Egmont’s founder Egmont Harald Petersen came from humble beginnings and he never forgot. To fulfill his last will his family bequeathed a part of the business' revenue to children and young people in need. This way the family could give back to society. These charitable activities still shape Egmont's identity.

Every year Egmont donates money to help children and young people at risk in need so they can take part in creating a good life for themselves. Up to and including 2016 Egmont has donated Euro 370m.


How Egmont works with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Egmont works with CSR within four focus areas:

  • UN Global Compact
  • Egmont Social Compliance Programme
  • Environment
  • Anti-corruption and – bribery

In addition, the plan is to take a closer look at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and analyze how Egmont can support the work with the SDGs. The four focus areas and the SDG initiatives will shape Egmont’s work with CSR through 2017-2020. Each focus area has been chosen because Egmont can make a positive difference within the specific areas while at the same time help ensure Egmont’s future success.


Egmont and the UN Global Compact

In 2013, Egmont signed the UN Global Compact principles. Working with the UN Global Compact and the ten principles of human rights, labour rights, protection of the environment and anti-corruption brings great value to Egmont.

Egmont has recently published its fourth communication on progress (COP) and you can find the report here