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Nordisk Film

Nordisk Film produces, distributes and markets films and series in the Nordic countries and operates cinemas in Denmark and Norway. Nordisk Film owns several digital ventures and also distributes PlayStation products in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Key figures 2015

Revenue: EUR 497 (459) million. 
Operating profit: EUR 29 (28) million.

Nordisk Film delivered its highest revenue to date and achieved a very strong result – mainly driven by an exceptionally favourable year for the cinema business, an impressive line-up of feature films, strong PlayStation 4 sales and growth in the digital businesses.  

Some of the best films in Denmark in 2015 came from Nordisk Film. Tobias Lindholm’s A War was nominated for an Oscar, and Martin Zandvliet’s Land of Mine earned great acclaim at international film festivals. Nordisk Film was co-investor and distribution company for Klovn Forever, which was the most popular film in Denmark in 2015, selling more than 500,000 tickets. In Sweden, A Man Called Ove sold more than 1.5 million tickets, and in Norway The Wave was seen by more than 835,000 people.  

Nordisk Film Cinemas opened a large new cinema in the Field’s shopping centre in Ørestaden, Copenhagen and enjoyed its best year ever. A total of 6 million cinema tickets were sold in Denmark and 3.8 million in Norway, and Nordisk Film is market leader in both countries.

Nordisk Film combined its gift card businesses under the name GoGift.com, which delivered good revenue growth. PlayStation 4 sales exceeded expectations.