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BAMSE celebrates his 40th birthday

Since the very first BAMSE magazine was published in January 1973, the teddy bear and his friends have been out on a lot of different adventures. This year the cartoon turns 40 years and is still a great success in Sweden.

BAMSE is a Swedish comic invented by Rune Andréasson in 1966. The series is about Bamse, the world's strongest and kindest bear, his friends Lille Skutt and Skalman, their families and enemies and their experience both at home and far away. When Rune Andréasson created Bamse and his two young friends, he gave them different personalities and skill sets and thereby made ​​them all indispensable in their own way. Perhaps this is why BAMSE today still popular on the Swedish domestic market:

"It's great that the magazine today, 40 years later, is read by over 100,000 children every three weeks, and in our work with BAMSE we are doing our best to create a cartoon that is still in Rune's spirit," says BAMSEs editor Charlotta Borelius.

Bamse, Lille Skutt og Skalman with their different personalities will continue to be a part of many clever, funny, scary, imaginative and educational adventures in the series. And at the end of 2013 they will pop up on the big Swedish screen in the movie "Teddy och Tjuvstaden".

In BAMSE 1/2013, published on 8 January, you can - if your Swedish is up to it - read more about what Bamse and his friends have experienced over the years.




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