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With TV 2, Egmont broadcasts television around the clock to all Norwegians. Just click on the remote control and you get access to our many channels or watch programs on TV 2's digital channel, TV 2 Sumo. Regardless of whether you are using your TV, PC or mobile device we broadcast sci-fi to trekkies, news to those who never sleep and Norwegian soccer to everyone.

Egmont was involved in the start-up of TV 2 in 1991, when the Norwegian government first allowed national commercial TV. Now, 1200 dedicated journalists and other media personalities work around the clock to keep you updated on TV 2 – Norway's largest commercial TV channel.

The TV 2 Group transmits on one main channel, as well as a number of niche channels. Among those is TV 2 News, which has broadcast news 24 hours a day since 2007. That same year, TV 2 also acquired its own sports channel, TV 2 Sport. Since then TV 2 has expanded the Sport focus to three HD channels solely broadcasting English Premier League. These niche channels complement TV 2 Zebra that has broadcast entertainment and serials to the Norwegian youth since 2005. The film channel, TV 2 Filmkanalen, broadcasts films 24 hours a day.

TV 2 launched its latest addition to the family in 2010: TV 2 Bliss with light entertainment, docusoaps and movies. TV 2 is no longer just a TV station, but a media group bringing out contents on multiple platforms.

In January 2012, Egmont bought the remaining 50% of the Norwegian TV 2 Group and is now the sole owner.