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When surfing the internet, looking for information, adventure, entertainment, knowledge or great stories, you will find that Egmont products are everywhere. And they're available for your particular platform, whether desktop, phone, or tablet.

For all Egmont companies and brands it is our goal to meet users where they are with entertaining and educational products. We are constantly working on new sites, apps and other digital solutions.

In the fall of 2010 Egmont launched its first magazine for iPad and many new releases have followed. For example, the Danish print magazine Euroman and the Norwegian magazine Bonytt are published every month as digital magazines with extra features such as additional image series and video guides.

The Petzi app was at the top of iTunes' "Entertainment" chart in all weekends in 2011 in Denmark. The app is a digital playground for children of 3-6 years, with the possibility of colouring Petzi drawings, play a memory card game, and watching cartoons.

In 2011 Lindhardt and Ringhof experienced for the first time, a book title selling more as e-book than in print, and in Norway Cappelen Damm are working to make books available for literature lovers on digital platforms.

In Denmark kino.dk has in a short time become the country's largest movie site. At the site you can stay up to date with editorial news, user comments, reviews, trailers and the ability to order and buy movie tickets. From early 2012 you've even had the opportunity to rent movies directly to your computer screen from the site.

Egmont is also present on the internet in the form of communities and other major websites. You probably know several of them already.

Technological developments provide plenty of opportunities and at Egmont, we are excited to constantly be able to bring stories to life in new and exciting platforms.