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In Egmont's cinemas you can let the darkness descend, bury your hand in a bag of popcorn, settle down into the comfy seats and let the world of film take over.

Egmont owns 18 cinemas throughout Denmark, and with the acquisition of Oslo Kino in April 2013 we now also run 18 cinemas in Norway. Oslo Kino changed its name to Nordisk Film Kino in October 2014. All of them equipped with the best and most modern technology to ensure you a high quality experience.

Egmont's advertising business, Dansk Reklame Film, show their commercial solutions in the Danish cinemas. Every commercial block is targeted at specific audiences, and shown in the highest quality digital format.

Digitization is already an important element in the film experience. All of our cinemas are equipped with digital projectors. So every time you sit down to enjoy a film, you are guaranteed that the images of your favourite stars are always of the very best quality.

Today, a film experience can start and end online. Thanks to our websites, kino.dk and filmweb.no, you can read up on films buy tickets over the internet or watch the film on demand. After seeing a film, you can share your experience by signing on to the sites, review the film and discuss it with others.

Our cinemas can do much more than screen films. Several of our cinemas are designed to be converted into stages, concert halls, or to host customized company events. The cinema Imperial in Copenhagen, the biggest in the Nordic region, is regularly used for gala premieres and award ceremonies. We also use our cinemas for opera performances transmitted live from The Metropolitan Opera in New York.