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About Egmont

Egmont is a leading media group in the Nordic region. Our media world spans films, TV, cinemas, magazines, books, streaming services, educational materials, game consoles and a range of digital communities, apps and games. Every year we donate a portion of our profits to initiatives aimed at children and young people who need a helping hand in their lives.

We bring stories to life

You're probably familiar with our slogan: We bring stories to life. Egmont is Denmark's largest media group with activities in 30 countries and 6,300 employees. We are committed to the highest standards in content quality and digital innovation. Egmont encompasses Nordisk Film, TV 2 in Norway, cinemas, Lindhardt og Ringhof, educational publishers, PlayStation and a number of partly owned companies, including Zentropa, and we publish more than 700 magazines and weeklies. Egmont is a commercial foundation that generates annual revenue of DKK 11.6 billion and donates over DKK 80 million a year to improving the lives of children and young people.

Our broad business spectrum is driven by our ambition to provide high-quality content and generate digital innovation:

  • Egmont owns TV 2 Norway, the country's largest commercial multimedia group. We provide news, sport and entertainment on eight channels for all platforms.
  • Egmont is the largest Nordic film producer. Through Nordisk Film and the co-owned company Zentropa, we produce, distribute and market films and TV series in the Nordic countries and run cinemas in Denmark and Norway.
  • Through the Egmont Publishing company, Egmont is a leading magazine publisher in the Nordics and has market-leading positions in a number of other markets. We publish more than 700 monthly and weekly magazines around the world.
  • Egmont develops apps, interactive games, digital communities, books and magazines for children and young people – always with the same goal: To deliver the best possible content on all platforms.
  • The Egmont book publisher Lindhardt og Ringhof is Denmark's second-largest publishing company with imprints including in the form of children's publisher Carlsen and educational publisher Alinea and Akademisk Forlag, Alfabeta, Easy Readers, L&R Business and L&R Uddannelse. We publish fiction, non-fiction, children's books, audiobooks, e-books and educational materials, digitally and in print.
  • Egmont's educational publisher Alinea is Denmark's leading publisher of educational resources for primary and lower secondary schools. Cappelen Damm, Norway's largest publisher and partly owned by Egmont, produces educational materials for all ages – from pre-school to higher education.
  • Egmont is the largest distributor of PlayStation consoles and games in the Nordics and the Baltic states.
  • Each Egmont division has an innovation unit that works daily to develop media solutions for the future. You always have the best content on hand – whatever your screen type.

Egmont consists of four divisions: Egmont Publishing, Egmont Books, Egmont Nordisk Film and TV 2 in Norway. Read more about our organisation.


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